Republican Candidate for District Attorney in Warren and Van Buren Counties.


General Election

  • Early Voting - July 15-30, 2022
  • General Election - August 4, 2022
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Upcoming Events

July 9th at 9:30am, Meet the Republican Candidates at the Robinson Barn, 511 Old Ferry Road, Rock Island TN

July 9th at 5:00pm, Celebration Party & Rally hosted by the Republicans of Warren County at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion at 100 Market Street in Downtown McMinnville, TN

July 11th at 6:30pm, Candidate Debate at the Administrative Building, Locust Street, McMinnville, TN

July 16th at 5:00pm,Meet the Candidates at Cedar Grove CIC, 38 Cedar Grove Road, Rock Island, TN

Restoring Law & Order

CHRIS STANFORD: A Conservative Focused on Keeping Our Communities Safe

Chris Stanford has been your neighbor down the street, your friend from high school, and your trusted attorney when you needed legal advice. Now, he is the man who wants to protect our families and make our communities safer. As District Attorney, that’s exactly what he will do. Chris’s legal knowledge, work ethic, honest nature, and commitment to blindly pursuing Justice make him the clear choice to represent Warren and Van Buren citizens in the office of District Attorney. Chris is uniquely positioned to fulfill the demands of this role in pursuing justice and improving the lives of our people as shown by his wonderful family and successful business.

Chris is a man with local roots. Born in Knoxville, Chris grew up in McMinnville where he attended Morrison Elementary School and later graduated from Warren County High School in 1999. His dad worked at Carrier and his mom was a teacher at Warren County Middle School. After becoming a lawyer, Chris founded a law firm with his wife, Christina, which successfully services counties across Middle Tennessee. Despite his busy work schedule, Chris’s first priorities are God and family. Chris and Christina are raising four boys in Warren County. The Stanfords are members of Westwood Church of Christ in McMinnville, and Chris’s boys are active sports fanatics. Chris has enjoyed coaching and cheering on his kids in their local sports and other activities.

Chris remembers a stronger, safer, happier McMinnville from his youth, and his concern for his family’s safety and future in his hometown led him to run for the office of District Attorney. Chris remains committed to improving Warren and Van Buren Counties so that families can once again thrive and prosper in our community. Change begins at the local level, and Chris is determined to use his particularized skills as a trial attorney and successful business owner to effectuate positive change in the District Attorney’s Office.


It’s time for change, and that starts with a change in leadership at our District Attorney’s Office. “Hard Work. Honesty. Justice. This is not just a slogan, but they are my core beliefs. I will bring these three virtues to the District Attorney General’s Office for the Thirty-First Judicial District of Tennessee after I am elected on August 4, 2022.” – Chris Stanford

As our next District Attorney, Chris plans to:

  • Regularly and personally appear in our local courts by trying jury trials and handling a regular caseload in addition to management and administrative duties of the District Attorney
  • Create a team atmosphere among various law enforcement agencies to fight criminal activity more efficiently and proactively
  • Advocate for victims by strengthening communication during all aspects of the legal process by making sure that victims' voices are heard, and their rights are protected
  • Evaluate each case based on the evidence as applied to the criminal laws of the State of Tennessee
  • Ensure that violent defendants with significant criminal history have bail amounts regularly reviewed and adjusted with the goal of keeping our community safe from the threat of violent offenders’ premature release from incarceration
  • Seek prison sentences and encourage Federal prosecutions for violent and repeat offenders rather than short stints in our county jails, which only deplete local resources and allow crime to repeat and fester in our towns on a more regular and dangerous basis
  • Make offers to truly deserving defendants to be placed in drug court programs and other treatment alternatives while actively seeking to root out defendants that are ‘gaming’ the Court’s rehabilitation efforts
  • Prosecute and seek strong punishment for severe child abusers on a more consistent and wide scale basis
  • Hold no bias, prejudice, or favoritism when executing the duties of the Office of District Attorney General – “Our right to freedom as Americans is protected by the rule of law and justice, and the rights of all people must be respected equally and without bias by those that seek to enforce the rule of law and pursue justice. Otherwise, our justice system loses its legitimacy.” Chris Stanford

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